Author: Mohammed

The many racisms of Hasbara

When attending the pickets down at Kedem, I’m greeted by a veritable soundboard of insults. The classics include ‘terrorists’, ‘baby killer’ and for good measure, analogies with histories notorious anti-Semites. But I’ve noticed there is has been a shift in the type of insults my counterparts give me… The recent ‘Arab Awakening’ coupled with the […]

Using Twitter for Palestine and to promote or defend action in Manchester

If you have a twitter account at you can pass small messages of news and opinions, including links to others on twitter (like messaging on Facebook, just quicker, briefer and more direct). This can also be to official organisations such as the council, MP’s, media and other institutions. Remember on twitter as with other […]

What you can do for Palestine?

What you can do for Palestine at home in your local neighbourhood (on your own or with friends!)   1. Stop buying Israeli goods! Products such as Israeli dates, fruit and vegetables are sold widely in UK stores, check the label for Product Origin. Other brands to avoid include SodaStream, Ahava and Jaffa oranges.   […]

Buycott App – To help you keep your shopping cart clear from Israeli Apartheid!

Buycott helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so you can fund causes you support and avoid funding those you disagree with. This campaign is about ordinary people around the world using their right to choose what they buy in order to help bring about an end to oppression in Palestine. It’s a peaceful means […]

Launch meeting results report, skills data and next steps

The bustling launch meeting of Manchester Palestine Action (MPA) was the setting for some serious introspection about what we had to offer as a movement. In the interests of building a sustainable, action driven movement for Palestinian rights and freedoms we carried out an analysis of collective strengths and weaknesses, an audit of the skills […]