What you can do for Palestine at home in your local neighbourhood (on your own or with friends!)


Cannes-Film-Festival-Sodastream-Action1. Stop buying Israeli goods!

Products such as Israeli dates, fruit and vegetables are sold widely in UK stores, check the label for Product Origin. Other brands to avoid include

SodaStream, Ahava and Jaffa oranges.


2. Tell Sainsbury’s to stop supporting Israeli Settlements

Sainsburys trade with Israeli companies such as Mehadrin that operate in settlements, stealing Palestinian land. Sign the petition and join the campaign: www.sainsburyscampaign.org


3. Call on the UK government to stop arming Israel!

The UK government has granted licenses to export arms to Israel worth £7.8bn in recent years. Call on the UK government

to stop arming Israel: tinyurl.com/stoparmingisrael


4. Join campaigns against complicity in Israeli crimes in Manchester:


Stop G4S security company – check the contracts in your local area, especially from the council: http://stopg4s.net/

Stop waste contracts with Veolia– look out for Veolia Bins

Tell British Gas hands off Gaza energy, check local campaigns on Kedem, Barclays, M&S or Tesco. See website for more campaigns needing your skills and support


5. Contact the Manchester evening news supporting boycott action of Israel and Kedem and suggest a need for stronger criticism of Israel and the mass slaughter in Gaza right now. The email for letters and complaints in MEN is here:

letters: postbag@men-news.co.uk

To ask for an inaccuracy to be corrected: Phone 0161 211 2920; email newsdesk@menmedia.co.uk

National press complaints: Email: complaints@pcc.org.uk or telephone 020 7831 0022, helpline 0845 600 2757.


6) WRITE NOW to your local MP and local councillor and also to the Leader of the Council below, to take a stand on Israeli continuous crimes against Palestinians as it is they who are making the most noise against legitimate protest:



leader of the council: http://www.manchester.gov.uk/blog/leadersblog/post/689/gaza-and-manchester


7) Educate yourself See the resources overleaf for watching and reading about Palestine. Show one of the films in your local school, youth or community centre