twitter_400x400If you have a twitter account at you can pass small messages of news and opinions, including links to others on twitter (like messaging on Facebook, just quicker, briefer and more direct). This can also be to official organisations such as the council, MP’s, media and other institutions. Remember on twitter as with other forms of communication on Palestine be careful with language, behaviour and information you share. The Manchester Palestine Action (MPA) hashtag is: @ManPalestine and only this twitter account delivers official messages from MPA.

Important notes when tweeting

Tweet at the right groups so you may have to copy and paste the same tweet to numerous groups.  There can also be “Twitter storms” where you join with friends or others on the net to use. You can write more than one @ (The hashtags of intended recipient) per tweet.
Examples of notible people to tweet here, though there are many more:
@akhanmep                        @HuffPostUK
@SayeedaWarsi                 @jonsnowC4
@ManCityCouncil             @kedem_mcr
@OwenJones84                 @FriendsofAlAqsa
@J_F_J_F_P                      @georgegalloway
@David_Cameron             @libertyHQ
@MENnewsdesk                 @AmirKingKhan
@BBCNWT                             @rustyrockets (Russell Brand)
@GMPCC (Tony Lloyd)    @DMDigitalTV
@DriveJustice                     @ManchesterSU
@GMPCityCentre               @PSCupdates

That way one of those people might retweet you so all their followers will or when people type in Russell brand into search they will see your tweet

And obviously @ManPalestine

Hashtag any word you think will need hashtagging:

Some more useful hashtags where you can find or contribute relevant information:

#FreePalestine    #DemocracyNow        #PoliceBrutality
#Gaza            #Palestine            #ICC4Israel
#BoycottIsrael    #BDSMovement        #Gazaunderattack

See what is trending i.e #ferguson or #GazaMillionMarch and see if it links in but don’t take this too far.  The more you tweet the more followers you will get. So tweet tweet tweet and remember do not engage with trolls and keep away from religious or sensitive discussions- they will try very hard to suck you in.