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TODAY, WEDNESDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER FROM 10am: G4S CAGE THEATRE PROTEST OUTSIDE LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE   Today as part of the G4S protests there will be a theatre performance which is a enactment of Israeli treatment of Palestinians inside Israeli prisons provided and secured by British private security company G4S (the reality of course is much […]

Israel not awarded 2020 Euro Championships

Israel have not been selected to host the 2020 European Championships, instead offering them to London. Though UEFA and the powers that be would never admit to it, boycott activists have been conducted a prolonged boycott campaign to make sure that UEFA were not going to aid and abet Apartheid. Without any pressure from BDS […]

Direct Actions

The Boycott Kedem store Direct Action has been a rolling picket of the Kedem Store in Manchester that involves a continuous awareness campaign for the people of Manchester Town Centre to shop for ethically sourced goods and services.