Today as part of the G4S protests there will be a theatre performance which is a enactment of Israeli treatment of Palestinians inside Israeli prisons provided and secured by British private security company G4S (the reality of course is much worse). The theatre was also performed on Monday and will be repeated today from 10am – 2:30pm outside the entrance of the Manchester Conference Centre. Attached are the photos from Monday’s cage protest and the third photo has two actual G4S security guards manning the entrance to the labour conference while the “prisoner” is handcuffed to the fence. Videos here: and
G4S provides for prisons such as Ketziot and Megiddo which hold Palestinian political prisoners from occupied Palestinian territory inside Israel. Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the transfer of prisoners from occupied territory into the territory of the occupier. Ofer prison which G4S also equips, is located in the occupied West Bank, and for Kishon and Moskobiyyeh detention facilities, at which human rights organisations have documented systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including children. For more information contact
Quote from Adie Mormech of Manchester Palestine Action:
“The reality for Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails is in fact much worse. G4S is securing Israeli prisons inside illegally occupied Palestinians land, child prisons where numerous human rights offences have been documented as well as the Israeli military checkpoints and the apartheid wall that help confiscate land from where Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed. For the Labour party and Labour councils to have so many contracts with G4S is aiding and abetting the horrors and injustice committed by the Israeli state against Palestinians everyday. It has to stop.”
Quote from Norma Turner of Palestine Solidarity Campaign:
“The ideological drive by the British Government to privatise all public services leaves Britain at the mercy of being under the total control of companies such as G4S. There is no accountability, no training, no proper terms and conditions, and they are a serial human rights abuser here and worldwide. As well as securing Israeli prisons that murder and torture Palestinian children, Jimmy Mubenga was  unlawfully killed during deportation from the UK by G4S. Public funds were gained by G4S for electronically tagging dead people. They are guilty of grave misconduct however you describe it and they are not fit to have public contracts.”
For more information contact Norma Turner 07903668500
and Adie Mormech 07972365257