Activists from MPA yesterday presented months of research, to a crown in the city centre,┬áinto how the Israeli occupation pillages the Dead Sea. In a presentation that spanned, not just human rights concerns, but also environmental ones too, the presentees were able to explain how Israel cunningly extras water from it’s side of the Green Line through articifical pools which in effect take water from the Palestinian side. In addition to the fact that Palestinians are denied to extract from even their own side at the expense of the Ahava Laboratories in Occupied Palestine, situated in the illegal settlement, Mitzpe Shalem, the activists equated what Israel is doing to slanted oil drilling. Coupled with the fact that only two companies (both Israeli) are licensed to drill, on either side, the argument put forward was near enough irrefutable; certainly providing intellectual amunition for picketers outside Kedem Cosmetics.


The message was that the occupation denies the Palestinian economy billions in revenue a year and that, through sly tactics, Israel is not only profitting from the occupation, but destroying the environmental integrity of the region too.