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MPA: Report on Recent Meetings

MPA Second Public Meeting: Friend’s meeting house, Tuesday 19th August The meeting began with an excellent  film, made specifically for the meeting, of direct actions around the world. The film was made to inspire us in our future actions. This was followed by an important legal briefing from Simon Pook, of Lizar Solicitors, to inform protesters of […]

The many racisms of Hasbara

When attending the pickets down at Kedem, I’m greeted by a veritable soundboard of insults. The classics include ‘terrorists’, ‘baby killer’ and for good measure, analogies with histories notorious anti-Semites. But I’ve noticed there is has been a shift in the type of insults my counterparts give me… The recent ‘Arab Awakening’ coupled with the […]

Launch meeting results report, skills data and next steps

The bustling launch meeting of Manchester Palestine Action (MPA) was the setting for some serious introspection about what we had to offer as a movement. In the interests of building a sustainable, action driven movement for Palestinian rights and freedoms we carried out an analysis of collective strengths and weaknesses, an audit of the skills […]

Stories from Gaza

Welcome to our stories from Gaza and the Occupied Territories of the West Bank. Every day accounts of the Palestinian people on the ground.