Author: Cha T

Israel not awarded 2020 Euro Championships

Israel have not been selected to host the 2020 European Championships, instead offering them to London. Though UEFA and the powers that be would never admit to it, boycott activists have been conducted a prolonged boycott campaign to make sure that UEFA were not going to aid and abet Apartheid. Without any pressure from BDS […]

Responding to Israeli propaganda

Pro-Israeli supporters and their allies are imppresively well trained at ‘defending the indefensible’. The following piece, written by one of our members (Originally published for OpenDemocracy) is a quick fire guide on how to respond to Israeli argumentation. “The explanation”is a calculated translation of the Hebrew term ‘hasbara’, that describes the systematic policy of propaganda […]

9th Boycott Israel Network

The 9th Boycott Israel Network weekend workshop is an opportunity for activists to come together over a weekend to exchange ideas, discuss progress, develop new projects and share best practice for Boycott Divestment and Sanction campaigning. Given the victories so far in 2014, rising student action and the increased global solidarity since Israel’s destruction of […]

Defend the right to Defend Gaza

In Manchester, the non-violent demonstrations demanding UK action against the Israeli state’s policies of Apartheid and Ethnic cleansing have been met continuously with aggressive and threatening Zionist supporters of Israel as well as violent repression by the Greater Manchester Police. So far 11 people on protests supporting Palestine have been arrested. On Monday, 15th September […]

‘Boycott Israel’ Banner Drop

Activists, in co-ordination with MPA and the rolling pickets, organised a banner drop on Saturday in Manchester City Centre. Spotted at Mercure Hotel and BHS Department Store roof, their banner read ‘END APARTHEID, BOYCOTT ISRAEL’. Israel has just finished its latest war in Gaza, killing 2100 Palestinians, including four children on its beach and 15 […]