Author: Cha T

MPA members present ‘Killing of the Dead Sea’

Activists from MPA yesterday presented months of research, to a crown in the city centre, into how the Israeli occupation pillages the Dead Sea. In a presentation that spanned, not just human rights concerns, but also environmental ones too, the presentees were able to explain how Israel cunningly extras water from it’s side of the Green […]

Return to Kedem

MPA activists and friends returned to peacefully picket Kedem Cosmetics in Deansgate last Thursday. The shop’s products  profit from the occupation of the Dead Sea and it’s denial of these resources to the Palestinian economy, illegal under international law. The summer pickets outside the store were massively successful in garnering support from around the city and resulted in […]

Palestinian Hiphop group DAM, light up Manchester

Organised with MPA and close friends, a brilliant night and performance from Palestinian Hiphop group DAM, Rafeef Ziadah and Katibeh 5 brought the packed house down at Kraak Gallery. For more on the background of DAM and other artists breaking through the chains of occupation through Hip Hop and rap, watch the award winning “Slingshot Hip Hop”. […]

Boycott Barclays

    Barclays Bank already have a very checkered past (and present) but it has been common knowledge for some time that they also invest in Israeli Arms companies that are directly complicit in the military operations in occupied Palestinian Lands (more info here). MPA joined with FRFI and other campaign groups weekly pickets to shut down Barclays.


TODAY, WEDNESDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER FROM 10am: G4S CAGE THEATRE PROTEST OUTSIDE LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE   Today as part of the G4S protests there will be a theatre performance which is a enactment of Israeli treatment of Palestinians inside Israeli prisons provided and secured by British private security company G4S (the reality of course is much […]